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Новая версия популярного автосканера Mini GT1 PRO

MINI GT1 PRO is special-purpose tool of BMW Series and It is currently supplied to BMW franchised dealers in the aftermarket. BMW GT1 can complete coverage of all BMW systems. BMW GT1 allows you reprogramme all BMW car ECUs to fix software or to install a blank ECU to a repaired vehicle. GT1 is also the only system that provides all diagnostics and programming for the very latest BMW cars launched in recent year.

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Gt1 is supplied with a Pentium based laptop PC on a Windows platform connected to a high specification communications and measurement interface. BMW GT1 software kit comprises of five system,TIS system .DIS data system;diagnostic system .measuring system and manangement system . you can test and check data information same time with BMW GT1.

Test function :

Read faulty code ,clear faulty code ,data stream .activate state,programming ,component test ,maintenance data information ,components location, wiring diagram etc...,TIS AND DIS ARE SUPPLY all of system diagram of all of BMW car, Components location, maintainence method and coding information etc. Can do completely of BMW car system.

Standard Config:

Network cable?1
20pin diagnostic cable?1
OBII diagnostic cable?1

Optional Config:

Latest softwareDIS and SSS
IBM T-30Laptop

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